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11 - Spider from the Selenopidae family
It doesn’t have a name yet, but a spider from the Selenopidae family has recently been discovered and it's said to have the “fastest leg-driven turn of any animal on the planet.” Which is rather impressive, considering it has 8 legs! 3 new species joined this group not long ago, which was only recognized recently despite being originally collected in the 1800s.

10 - Gecolepis Megalepis
Just the name is brilliant, and this newly discovered gecko doesn’t disappoint. Found in northern Madagascar, the gecko has very large scales. If a predator has the gecko in its mouth, the scales shed easily, leaving the predator with a mouthful of scales and the gecko has a chance to escape! It’s the first-time geckos of this species have been discovered since the 1940s.

9 - Arapaima
We have known about this fish for a while – some of the world’s largest and most endangered fresh water fish. In 2016, a whole new species of the arapaima was discovered in Southwestern Guyana. These giant fish can grow up to 10-feet long or 3 meters and can weigh 440-pounds or 200-kilograms. They have a primitive lung allowing them to breathe air!

8 - Somersetite
New minerals and meteorites are also discovered yearly. There are 5,500 known minerals with roughly 100 added to the list each year. In 2018, 11 new minerals and 1 new meteorite were introduced. One of them was Somersetite, found in the Mendip Hills of south-west England.

7 - Etmopterus Benchleyi
You’ll much prefer the other name for this unattractive shark – the ninja lantern shark. It’s got the craziest ability to glow in the dark! Its skin is pitch black and it has bulbous eyes, and is thankfully, rather small! It was discovered in 2015, and research on this unique species is on-going. They’re found in the eastern Pacific Ocean and were named after Peter Benchley, shark-lover and the author of Jaws. They eat small fish and shrimp and grow to around half a meter or 200-inches.

6 - Himalayan Thrush
First described in 2016, this little thrush has been put in a separate species from the Alpine thrush. They have shorter legs, tail and wings but their bills are longer than the Alpines. The Himalayan thrush breeds in forested habitats, whereas the Alpine thrush breeds above the tree line.

5 - Dendrogramma Enigmatica
First described in 2014, the Dendrogramma Enigmatica species was discovered on the ocean floor in Victoria, Australia. It’s a multi-cellular animal that’s believed to be related to the jellyfish, coral or sea anemones. In 2016 it was further identified as a siphonophore and studies have been unable to reveal sex organs or a nervous system.

4 - Limnonectes Larvaepartus
It sounds like something that could cast a spell, but it’s really just a species of fanged frogs that were discovered in northern and western Sulawesi, Indonesia. The first time the frog was mentioned was in 1994, but it only received its formal name in 2014. The frog has internal fertilization, which means it gives birth to tadpoles and doesn’t lay eggs externally like other frog species. The International Institute for Species Exploration named this frog as one of the top new species to be discovered in 2014!

3 - Club-Tailed Scorpions
In 2018, three new species of club-tailed scorpions were introduced. They had formed part of the group of Neotropical “club-tailed” scorpions, but in-depth studies of this group made researchers realize that 3 needed their own specific species. So, it’s not so much a brand-new discovery, just a relabelling effort. These scorpions have the unique ability to rub a comb-like structure on their bodies against their abdomen, causing a hissing sound which humans can hear. It’s a warning to get as far away as possible.

2 - Deuteragenia Ossarium
Discovered in 2014, this is also called the bone-house wasp. It was found in China and named after grave-yard bone houses. The female wasp takes dead ants and fills her nest up with them. The dead ants emit a chemical that keeps the predators away from her nest. These wasps are an aggressive species with a painful sting!


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